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On October 14, 1804, thirty-one Christians united and with the help of other churches, Concord Baptist Church was Organized.  At first they met in homes to pray and study God’s Word.  The first church building was built in 1804, on a hill north of the spring, in the area of the present-day cemetary.  The church began with 31 charter members.  In 1867 there were 137 members.  A second meeting house was built between 1816 and 1845.  That structure was sold in 1875 for a price of $25.10 and a new meeting house was built.  A fourth house of worship was dedicated on July 30, 1900.  It was remodeled in 1949 and classroom space was added.  Some of our present-day day members received Christ as their Savior in this church or remember attending there as a child.


Some of the early members were from the Bostic area, and when Puzzle Creek was flooded from heavy rains and with no bridge, it made it difficult to attend church.  As a result, Bostic Baptist Church was organized in 1910.  One pastor served both churches until about 1945.


On November 21, 1956, Concord was presented the “Rural Church of the Year” Award.  On February 12, 1961, our members participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the new church in the present location.  The youth room of our current church served as the sanctuary.  In 1974, the present-day sanctuary was built to complete the building.  The Note-burning service was held in 1976 and the building was dedicated to the service of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  In 1979 the original church bell was restored and placed in a new bell tower on the lawn of the present-day church.


Concord was able to celebrate its 210th anniversary on October 12, 2014 by paying off the current Fellowship Hall and having a Note Burning!


As we look back at how our church began and how it has grown, it is easy to see God’s hand in it all.  It is for His glory that Concord Baptist Church exists today.

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